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Legendary Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios in Burbank, CA

Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios is the oldest voice over studio in Burbank, California and is known worldwide as one of the best. Our service is of unparalleled quality and every day we strive to record perfect voice over. All of our studios are equipped with quiet and dead booths, the very best microphones and microphone pre-amps, Avid MTRX interfaces, the most current Pro-Tools HD software, ADR capabilities and every method of remote connection.  We seek to provide a flawless voice over while, also, adhering to budgets and timelines.

Our studios can accommodate virtually any voice over project including:

Gaming and mobile game voice over casting, recording, editing and post

Animation voice over, casting, recording, editing and mixing.

ADR for film and television

Commercial voice over, casting, recording, editing and mixing.

Voice over demo reel production

Podcast recording, editing, post production and mixing

Audio book recording, editing and mixing

Ensemble cast recordings (multiple microphones in one room or isolated using our internal Dante network)

Remote voice over recordings via Source-Connect, SessionLinkPro, ipDTL, ISDN etc.